About Birth 2012

Discover our unique salon

Take a virtual tour through our unique spa and massage parlor. Discover the environment, see our professionals at work and explore the surroundings.

Keeping things natural

We are not just efficient in restoring your beauty, but we also manage to do it in a natural way.


Both on the inside and the outside

We believe in maintaining a perfect balance between a great body and a great mind. Therefore, our techniques are based on both your mental and physical health.


Beauty first

In a world where everyone knows the importance of good looks, we push ourselves to deliver – we will restore your youth regardless of your current condition.



Is there anything more relaxing than a professional massage after a long week at work? Even better, we do it with your health and beauty in mind.


Spa & Procedures

There are plenty of treatments and procedures you can choose from and each of them comes with a series of advantages in the long run – explore them today.


Looking young again

Whether you are 25, 40 or 55, we can make you look at least ten years later. Leave yourself in our experts' hands and you will never regret this choice.

How We Do It

We are a fully transparent spa service, meaning we will answer all your questions – in case you need more information. There are no hidden aspects associated with our service.

Water Massage
Multiple pools
Yoga and meditation
Relaxing massage rooms

What We Do

We have gathered together some of the most professional names in this industry. No matter what you need, we guarantee that we can make it happen right away.

Weekly Special Offer

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Better Looks

The main goal of Birth 2012 is to make you look better and this mission involves multiple procedures.

Spa & Treatments

Our spa and treatment solutions are not just relaxing, but they work like actual treatments in the long run.


Everything we do is clean and moral, meaning you can count on animal friendly, vegan and organic products.


There is nothing more relaxing than a massage, but what if this massage will also improve your looks?